Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vampire Cat Burglar: What's Not to Love

By Cherie Priest

In the midst of the vampire fiction tidal wave Bloodshot is a breath of fresh air. Centering on Raylene Pendle, a world-renowned thief who happens to be a vampire, Bloodshot manages to make a rather tired genre fresh. This is a fast paced novel where the heroine, although undead, is decidedly human. Whip smart, agile, and cocky Raylene is not some super human creature stalking the night for prey. She’s a thief who is drawn into the job of her life when a blind vampire sends her on a mission to track down his missing medical records from a government facility. What follows is filled with adventure, tongue-in-cheek comedy, drama, and just plain fun.

This was one of those books you pick up and don’t put down, not because it is deep and thought-provoking, but because you are just having too much pleasure reading and don’t want to stop. Raylene is a one of a kind heroine, flawed, funny, and brave and the motley cast of characters she picks up on the way are just as unique and endearing. Fans of Charlaine Harris who are looking for a little more intelligence and a lot less brooding look no further; you will become a convert to this new series and a fan of Priest. As we speak I’m picking up her some of her backlist titles and can’t wait to dive in and after reading Bloodshot, I have a feeling you will be too.

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