Friday, December 2, 2011

A Mini-Review: Legend by Marie Lu

In a time where dystopic novels seem to be running rampant it is hard to imagine picking up yet another futuristic post-apocalyptic novel, but trust me when I say Legend is worth it. Set in North America, a rather dark future awaits—one where a totalitarian government rules with an unyielding grip, plague decimates the poor, and children’s futures are limited based on test results. It is here we meet Day and June, two teens--one an infamous criminal, the other the government’s prize pupil. Legend follows these two unlikely allies as they traverse through webs of deceit and dangerous assignments in an attempt to survive a world that will do anything to destroy those who knows it's secrets. This is fast paced, full of adventure, and just downright fun to read. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, both teen and adult.

Released on Tuesday, November 29th Legend by Marie Lu, is available at your local independent book stores and well worth the read. Optioned as a trilogy, readers will become instant fans, eager to get their hands on the next books.

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