Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It’s a Book Jackass

In an age where people read things on their cell phones, ipads, Kindles, and computers it is not so amazing that someone might see a book and ask the question “What is that?”. Lane Smith tackles this concept in his new picture book, aptly titled It’s a Book.

This brilliant satirical book is simple in its presentation (after all, it is a book), yet oddly deep in nature as it cleverly tackles the ebook debate without ever criticizing ebooks or other technological breakthroughs (or hindrances, depending on your take).

While the book is in picture book format, suggesting at first glance that it is meant for children, this book is a far better read for adults. Please don’t discount the younger set though, I may be giving small children more perception than they have, but I think many little kids (maybe 5 & up) will actually get the premise, especially as children as young as kindergarten are using computers or handheld devises (maybe this is just the kids I know?). My only suggestion, and this actually gives me twinges, is to censor the last sentence of the book “It’s a BOOK Jackass”, unless you don’t mind your little ones calling each other jackass (and they will).

Simply put It’s a Book is the Book of the year and if you don’t check it out you’re probably an illiterate, or just not in touch with you intellect. Remember, books don’t get plugged in, charged, lit up, or scroll, they simply, and brilliantly open up a world of knowledge and imagination, if what you’re reading doesn’t do that, well then, it’s not a book jackass.